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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Auckland Luxury Hotels - How to Search Online

When searching online, with "Auckland Hotels" as the search term with Google, you are likely to see a saturation of individual hotel web page results. This includes several sponsored ads of well known Auckland City quality hotels, indicating a very competitive market for hotel accommodation. Terms like "exclusive", "boutique", "attraction", and the imperative "luxury" some times appear in the web page's search results, emphasizing the hotel's features to attract customer's and particularly business travellers for accommodation. Displayed are also the Skype telephone numbers for easy telephone contact. For customer's, it may be overwhelming to try to select which hotel site would be suitable or appealing as many may appear to offer similar "luxury" attractions. So how does the discerning customer select a ideal hotel and it's reviews, particularly a luxury hotel in Auckland City, or perhaps for London luxury hotels (which are likely to be more expensive) and importantly, that specifically suit's their overall needs?

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You can of course search online with the term "Auckland Luxury Hotels", but that may show less relevant results than "Auckland Hotels" which is a more popular search term (check at Google's keyword tool) as it's probably quicker to type in, and intuitively more hotel's would target that term (more generic) in their marketing/advertising of their web sites and with Google's paid ad word's system. Ideally search for sites that list several Auckland city hotels, such as Auckland Hotels and perhaps add the term "review", "directory" or similar. You are likely to get short relevant reviews referring to accommodation, facilities, functions, local attractions, events, etc. Hence you can quickly read through each of those reviews or descriptions, to make a more informed choice for a luxury hotel. Though again, there are many hotel accommodation review sites, so view the page rank or assess authority of that site for reviews.

There are also the Google online search tricks, including the minus trick - e.g. Auckland Hotel -budget. (Note: need space after Hotel, and no space between the minus sign and budget). This should return sites that do not have the term budget, and hence more targeted results will display. Though in such a competitive and diverse market, the decrease in hotel search results may not be significant, as the term "budget" might be used in any hotel's web site, or inadvertently in a directory/listing site. Further Google search tips can be found at Also consider clicking on the show options link once the results are displayed. Here you can search further on the review and forum links to digest further information relating to your hotel queries. Clicking on the "Wonder Wheel" will split your search term into segments, or sub categories, i.e. sub search terms that are related to the main search term. Refer these search images for the search term luxury "Auckland hotels -budget -cheap"

Standard Search Results Page...

Visit Auckland Hotels at for reviews
Then Click Show Options, and view options on left hand side...

Visit Auckland Hotels at for reviews
Then click Forums, Reviews, or "Wonder wheel" to display
targeted segments of your search term

Visit Auckland Hotels at for reviews

Then click on the Wonder wheels links for more targeted information, displayed with another Wonder wheel, and additional links. Hence adopting this search hierarchy method, you can target on specifics for your search term, that relate to Auckland luxury hotels. Though you might want to apply your own carefully selected original search term, to get hotel specific information that you want. Remember to search Google Images and Google Maps/Street view. Because there are around 660, 000 images relating to Auckland hotels, also add the hotel's name or address, and maybe a vicinity or descriptive term (e.g. harbour view, city view, historic, elegant, modern, boutique, etc).

But also search within article directories (e.g. GoArticles, Article Dashboard, Ezine directory, etc), where you can find, some times personal, articles relating to Auckland hotels or accommodation. The author may have further articles, web sites, site links, etc to offer a more focused search for hotels. Also use common or pronoun terms like "Tourism, Auckland" "New Zealand" for searching, which are likely to display sub categories for accommodation, and cross reference those reviews with your other review search results to get a better overall assessment for a particular luxury hotel.

It might seem a bit of a chore, to try to locate an overall suitable luxury Auckland city hotel online. It's about targeted and selective searching online, to quickly find what luxury hotel you really want and perhaps need. However with a focused search plan using Google search online tricks, common search terms, targeting accommodation review sites, article directories, and specific image searches, then you can hopefully drill down to a specific luxury hotel and it's accompanying attractions that appeal to you.

Visit Auckland Hotels - Summary of about 15 quality hotels in Auckland - has a Auckland city map, world time, weather and mini slide show of Auckland City and popular venues.

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