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Friday, June 5, 2009

Auckland Hotel and Travel Security

security tips preparation for Auckland Hotels at travel security preparation of yourself, personal documents and reference contacts at home, before your hotel room security first. Photo copy duplicates of your passport, travel insurance, drivers license, bank and credit cards and recent statements, air travel documents, and other relevant information. Then store them in different locations. Safety storage could be other family members, trusted friends, a post office box, or maybe your lawyer's safety box. Image of Card Security by Woodsy at SXC

Contact agencies for documentation Back Up

email security for Auckland Hotels at time to call/email your important organizations, for example your driver's license office, insurance or travel agency may have reciprocal agencies world wide, including Auckland to transfer documentation and offer assistance. They may also have contact web sites, special contact numbers, etc, that they could set up for you. Visa for example, which has international bank associations world wide. But they may have other avenues to assist your documentation access, and general travel and accommodation procedures. Mail image by ilco at SXC

Use Internet and E-mail for Documentation Back Up

Save documents on the internet before arriving at Auckland Hotels at save documents online in at least two email accounts (even a temporary Gmail account), and on a online free host (e.g. your ISP or a free host like Microsoft Sky Drive). This allows you to access them from any internet enabled computer for reference from your chosen Auckland hotel. Maybe also set up at least two email contact address for you to keep in daily contact. Many hotel travellers probably contact via social sites like Bebo, Twitter, Facebook, and similar. Possibly prepare set up, and become familiar with internet access for contact on your mobile phone. Travel Documents by topfer at SXC

Arrange Contacts and Prepare Important References

Message for you when at Auckland Hotels at prepare a list of important phone, bank numbers, email address, login passwords for online sites, and try to remember them or securely save them on your mobile. Check security options with your mobile phone supplier when getting set up for overseas roaming coverage. Become familiar with a country's phone national area codes - though hotels in Auckland may supply telephone area codes, as well as mobile phones. Perhaps set up Skype internet/mobile enabled voice calls, as a precautionary back up. Arrange for a constant contact person at home to regularly check and reply to your email/online messages. Also find out the contact details for your country's embassy, and save or bookmark their details or web site online, and your mobile phone. Email your embassy for advice and services, which may vary for different traveling nationalities. You have mail image by linusb4 at SXC

Prepare and Pack Personal Security Items

For personal hotel accommodation and travel security items, bring a torch, batteries, chargers (also for mobile phone), portable sensor alarm and smoke detector, a small low wattage "night" light, world plug adapter, door wedge, padlocks, thin chain, & storage case/box (for securing luggage and expensive items), alarm clock, a whistle, and a cash travel/waist pouch. Leave unneeded expensive items at home, or arrange specific insurance coverage. Discuss suitable security storage at your hotel, which may be required by your insurance company, and then discuss with them if it's suits their policy. Research a little on suitable secure luggage bags and accessories (e.g. anti-theft luggage enclosures like Pacsafe) to improve securing your luggage.

Remember Relevant Street Names and Phone Numbers

Consider and familiarize yourself with a comprehensive Auckland street map, and become familiar with Auckland streets, within your hotel's vicinity. Queen street is Auckland's central street, so familiarize your self with it's local attractions, amenities, events, public notices, facilities, etc. Of course contact your hotel for security advice and what procedures that they implement. They are likely to provide you with important phone numbers, but remember for New Zealand, the emergency number is 111, and for traffic issues (e.g. road blockages, minor incidents, continuous erratic driving, etc) you call *555 from a mobile phone. You could visit NZ forums (e.g. NZBoards, Tripvisor, etc) and post queries or search for specific questions and answers on what you want to know about Auckland, safety, security, hotel accommodation reviews, and other topics.

Security Assurance For All - Be Prepared

preparing and uploading documents for online security before arriving at Auckland Hotels at yourself with relevant security and safety items, including establishing and securing documentation and contacts will elevate you in a more security conscious status mind; This perhaps is just a starting point, but will hopefully project security awareness to be implemented once you reach your hotel within Auckland City, and perhaps importantly, within your hotel room. You not only make yourself more secure, but perhaps your family or business associates, will also confidently feel secure, without undue worries in the knowledge that you will be secure. Laptop Work 5 image by Woodsy at SXC

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