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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hotel Reservation and Booking Tips

Hotel Corridor for Auckland Hotels at you have finally selected the Auckland City Hotel for accommodation, but now it's a matter of reserving the best or at least an ideal room. You have searched online, compared hotel pricing at sites, and maybe read reviews at TripAdvisor and similar directory or review sites, and have at least good rates, and maybe a discount. You may have received favorable feedback about the hotel from family and friends, and discounts through loyalty programs, credits, or last minute deals. But to make sure you can get a ideal or the best room, it would pay to call and ask someone knowledgeable at the hotel for specifics of the room.
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Hotel Layout Plan

Ask if they can email or fax a plan of the hotel's layout, and surrounding area. Also ask details about features/services/facilities, not only for the room, but beyond the hotel room - e.g. is it high enough to display the Auckland Harbour or city view, does it receive direct and continuous sunlight in the morning, how close to your outside needs (e.g movies, restaurants, entertainment, etc), isolation from noisy traffic or clubs, adjacent to the hotel's elevator and other relevant accommodation factors to you.

Hotel plan diagram for Auckland Hotels at specify your needs, and for others in your group, and ask for a recommendation. Refer to the hotel plan or website room images to hotel staff to help assess what would be suitable. Many rooms might be similar in layout in a large hotel, so options for reservations might be limited, unless you of course upgrade to a suite (e.g. like superior, deluxe, etc), or two a apartment style kitchenette room if you have children, and intend to stay a little while.
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Accommodating Families - Possible Discounts

If booking for your family, with children, ask Hotel Management, about their fees and set up (if any), about accommodating children. Do they allow free costs for additional bedding? Or are their cheaper "kids" rooms that are adjacent to your rooms? Are meals free? Are suitable amenities present or nearby? Are their restrictions on children in certain hotel sectors/areas and so on. For a sizable group, perhaps consider a package deal (if any), with your travel company, or with the hotel itself. Again, ask the hotel for a package deal or other deals such as promotion, family or business discounts, fly buys, or rewards system. Such features may not be advertised in time on their web sites, and hence you may have more favorable options for a hotel reservation.

Additional Costs

Ask about extra costs, e.g. energy/power costs, particularly if you have children that may frequently use radio's, hair dryers, television, etc. Also consider Hotel reservation by price rather than the hotel's quality to cost status, to suit your budget, without the need of additional services and facilities that may not be relevant to you and your family. There also may be parking costs, excess meal costs, and other fees to be considered.

Research Outcome - Ideal Room?

Hotel room for Auckland Hotels blog site at to searching Hotels online, choosing an ideal Auckland Hotel with suitable nearby amenities, and now selective choice of the best or ideal hotel room, requires a bit of research, thinking specific needs, then asking or rather negotiating with qualified or experienced hotel staff. Hopefully you are provided a ideal room, or at least a suitable alternative. Hence your stay will be more enjoyable, with a room that suits specific requirements without significant loss in convenience throughout your stay.
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  1. I always prefer online hotel booking rather than manually due to hectic schedule. You can also opt for online. Its less time consuming really..

  2. @Allvira,

    Online booking it certainly quicker, particularly for those that have done so many times (and eventually get to prefer a online hotel agency's specific features and benefits) and perhaps do not have other travellers/family/sightseeing commitments...