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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Auckland Hotels Family and Kids Accommodation

When conducting a online internet search for your family and your children, ideally you would want accommodation in a hotel that provides a welcome hospitality, particularly for your kids. It's interesting to note a Google search of "Auckland City Kids Hotels" displays the "10 pack" local business results of hotels for that search term (as at October 2009). Compare that for searching with "Auckland Family Hotels" of which only a few local business results are displayed. This perhaps suggests that Auckland CBD Hotels are targeted, and prepared for accommodating children.

However, there may be varying degrees of functions, services, and amenities for child accommodation within a hotel. Therefore you would need to check what the hotel offers that is suitable to your family. Perhaps call management, visit their web sites, visit and ask on forums (Trip Advisor com), and ask family and friends.

Auckland City Hotels For Kids Tips at

The hotels listed in the 1st 10 business results from a Google search include The Quadrant Hotel, Auckland City Hotel, Sky City Grand Hotel, The Westin Lighter Quay, Quality Inn West End, st. Martins Apartment Hotel, and Crowne Plaza Hotel. Perhaps contact those hotels about child accommodation, and what they offer, e.g a "kids club", play centre, emergency supplies (wipes, strollers, bibs, medical aids, treasures (or diapers), etc.

Hotel Features, Services and Functions for Child Accommodation

Parents would have a good idea what items to bring or features/functions to expect for their kids, and infants, when traveling or staying overnight and family or friends residences. Therefore similar would be considered when staying in a hotel or apartment. Therefore perhaps ask the hotel the following

Room service - Does it include services for children.
Interconnecting Rooms - Semi privacy area for parents that adjoins the kids rooms.
Large Room Suites - To easily accommodate kids.
Bedding Arrangement/Provision - Extra roll out beds, bed sharing, Cots (or Cribs); and if they incur additional per bed or per child.
Kitchenette Available - Important for quick snacks, and request at least a medium size fridge.

Dining Area/Restaurant - Are they child friendly in terms of meals, seating, disabled access, and eating in allocated areas.
Safety/Child hazard features/Protocols - Are their hazards or out of bound areas for children, rules (e.g. after hours within certain areas), or safety gadgets that must be used or considered.
Baby Sitting Services - Available any time, and can ask about character reference, employment length, and perhaps formally meet the baby sitter.
Children Programs/Activities - Available within the Hotel or adjacent. For Auckland City, there are various adult entertainment activities. Ask if the hotel knows of kids events nearby.

Indoor Pool
- Check hours for kids, available pool toys, and safety rules.
Internet (Broadband/WiFi) - Entertain your kids at child friendly game sites. Perhaps the hotel has PC child games/learning activities.
Location of Hotel - Is it suitable in terms of walking with your kids to local amenities, parks, events, for shopping, etc. Is public transport or car hire nearby or easy to hire. Maybe read hotel location in to choose a hotel.

For each of the above you could ask specifics, and a hotel that can provide all what you need, and with their suggestions, would make your search for a child friendly worthwhile. It's important to adopt safety features for your children in a hotel, be more observant than at home, and explain and show them potential hazard areas. This includes within the rooms, safely using (or not using) the plugs/outlets, bathroom/shower, door/window locks, sharp corners, and unstable furniture/lamps. So with hotel research for Auckland City, including querying management about child functions and policies accommodation, you should have an idea to select which hotel would be suitable.


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