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Friday, May 29, 2009

Auckland City Hotels - How To Choose

Auckland Hotels at Hotels in Auckland City are relatively close to major entertainment avenues, restaurants and night clubs, shopping facilities, educational institutions, harbor and waterside facilities. But for suitable accommodation how to choose a hotel in close quite proximity or provides alternatives to such facilities, that suits you? or your specific needs (e.g. for health, disability needs), family needs? (e.g. if you have infant children), your personal interests and character (might want quietness/privacy or prefer socializing/academic research/business conference) and so on. Image of Auckland Skyline at by jchambers

Research Hotel Accommodation Facilities and Local Amenities

You might have to do a little research on hotel accommodation, tourism, and Auckland related internet sites to find if those local entertainment avenues, and any important facilities or requirements (e.g. a doctor, baby sitting services) are adjacent or serviced by your hotel.
Just Google search for a Auckland Hotel, and informational sites by typing in "Auckland". The internet sites (e.g. Auckland will provide relevant information that might help you choose a suitable hotel that accommodates your needs. For example, a doctor on call is available in Auckland City Hotels, such as the Copthorne and Best Western President Hotels and both provide baby sitting services. Or if your research indicates that a Hotel is close to the Auckland Library, University, Vector Arena, or Town Hall if that's what you prefer.

Directly Contact the Hotel

It would pay to directly contact (Skype call, or email) hotels and ask specific details for hotel services - Are they 24 hour? Are their additional related services/facilities available or nearby? (e.g. a chemist for prescriptions, specialist nurse, or a play center/park/amusement arcade/Mc Donald's - if suitable). Ideally you would want a short easy walking distance, so ask for distances, traffic safety, and a preferred route with Auckland city. Or would it be better to drive? Then you would want information on suitable parking, any park fees (don't want your car clamped or removed - from experience it can be a pain to locate where your car is stored) and when traffic is at it's most busiest. So to choose the best option for walking or driving, it helps to get direct information from hotel management

Apartment complex from Auckland Hotels at visitors or travelers that prefer water activities, - Auckland Harbour Cruising, boat fishing, ferry trips to the outer Hauraki Gulf Islands may prefer a hotel near the harbour or water front. However within the harbour vicinity, it can be busy during summer, and perhaps a bit noisy at night with people socializing. Again, ask direct questions to hotel accommodation staff near such venues, to assess if it's suitable to you. The Auckland City Council has noise restrictions to control any possible noise, so perhaps contact them. If however, you prefer academic research, library reading, or similar, then a hotel nearer to the Auckland Library and University may be more suitable. Though some hotels include their own library, possibly with private rooms for reading and research. Again ask for specifics. Image of Auckland City Water Front Apartment Complex by CJPhoto

Familiarize Your Hotel's Region - Streets, Restaurants, Public Transport

Web icons showing to call and communicate at Auckland Hotels at you have the street address of your hotel, get familiar with the names of nearby streets, either with the online Google Maps (Browse the map above) and also using it's street view with images. Perhaps visit YouTube for Auckland City Videos (View the videos within this site). Maybe add specific details to your diary or mobile phone, including your hotel's details. Better, print them out if you can. Maybe have a Auckland map book to carry, and get others in your group or family to become familiar with street addresses, including for your hotel and facilities and avenues you intend to visit. Ask your hotel if they provide a directory or address pamphlet for entertainment, local amenities, facilities, etc, for you to study. Image of Web Icons by annsunnyda

Auckland City Overnight at Auckland Accommodation hotels at to really enjoy your accommodation in Auckland City, not only within your Hotel, but around the city, do a little preparation by actively asking, and researching online. Then you are likely to be better knowledgeable about the City's specific or functional features, that are important or relevant to you and your family. You need to seek a little to find a little, online and off line using the telephone and internet. Hence you can better choose between hotel services and relevant information that they may provide. Then better enjoy your stay in and around Auckland City with added confidence and assurance for all. Image of Auckland City by night by billruys

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