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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Accommodation Near Vector Arena

Hotels near Vector Arena Entertainment Center in Auckland CitySituated in the heart of the Auckland CBD, one of New Zealand's multi-function venues, the Vector Arena is a superb venue for entertainment functions. The Arena is also close to Auckland City Hotels, Restaurants, Public transport such as the Britomart Train Station, Viaduct Harbour, Ferry Terminal at the Waterfront, Auckland City for Shopping, and other Auckland City Attractions. Exhibitions, Conventions, Banquets, Ballets, Opera, Netball, Family Shows, Hospitality functions (with private suites), and of course International music concerts from prominent entertainment celebrities can and have performed within it's premises.

Fortunately several Hotels are adjacent for accommodation, so as to easily attend functions held at the Arena. You may have to book a hotel room early if you intend a function, and perhaps become familiar with the surrounding area (Browse the above Google map with Earth view of the City), and browse the official Vector Arena Website for upcoming events, concerts, hospitality and venue hire or inquiries.

Street View of Auckland's Vector Arena
Navigate about to take a walk-through

There are hotels and other accommodation venues that are "nearby", with perhaps 1 - 15 minute drive time (depending on traffic), and maybe 1 - 20 minutes walk time, with "local city" hotel distances of less than 1 km to about 2.5 km. But maybe prepare a little beforehand when traveling to and from the Arena -

- Familiarize yourself with the local area, including your hotel's, and perhaps map out the shortest journey. Remember the street address name of your hotel, adjacent landmarks, and a few street names
- Pedestrian and street traffic can be very busy at times, so factor that in, to allow a suitable time frame for your journey
- Maybe browse the Google Map at the top, which has 3D Earth View (you may need to download the plug-in), and a photo icon of the Vector Arena to try get a sense of placement
- Their might be "street alerts", i.e. road closures, e.g. road works, construction activities, hazard incidents, etc, that you may want to be aware of. I think the Auckland City Council Site ( or the Queen Street Online web site ( has a alert system
- Perhaps browse Auckland Web Cam Traffic internet sites (e.g. NZ Transport Agency, or All Auckland Motorways Cameras) by searching on Google
- Hotel management may have a journey prearranged package, advice, and contact details, which you should ask about
- Let someone know of your absence, and a contact number (e.g. mobile phone), at least with the hotel lobby
- If new to NZ, remember for all emergencies dial 111, not 911. It's 111. Most NZ emergencies relate to Ambulance, Fire, and Police services.
- For public transport, check out the Maxx Website, which has major routes for major local land and water based transport. Perhaps download time tables, if you do not know the streets. The travel routes include maps and route diagrams, with estimated times, and street address at most bus stops.

General and Relevant Information for Auckland CBD

- GST - There is a 15 % Good and Service Tax applied to goods and services in New Zealand, except for certain duty free goods, but with restrictions. The New Zealand Customs Official Website has more information for travelers, importers, business, etc, relating to duty free regulations.
- Trading banks are usually open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4.30 pm, and Auckland City banks provide ATM's (Automatic Teller Machines) and Foreign Exchange facilities). Some banks also trade on a Saturday.
- Perhaps become familiar with locations of City amenities, such as payphones, parks, restaurants, and dining facilities.
- Google Search and Maps can help tremendously here (remember to apply the "more.." tab at the top to view more information, e.g. for videos, web cams, videos, etc). Also perhaps click on the "show search options" next to Search Maps tab, then click on the user-created maps to view personal maps - which may display useful landmarks, shops, and other features and facilities. Then enter or re-enter your search (local) terms to try get relevant information.
- Car parks include Corner of Victoria and Kitchener Street, Civic Underground Car Park off Mayoral Drive, and Sky City at the corner of Federal and Victoria Streets. Check on Google Maps, and check for park times, and remember actual level location.

Auckland Hotels Near Vector Arena
(Perhaps visit the reviews page of Auckland Hotels or their web sites)

I have listed nearby Vector Arena hotels, so that you become familiar with their names for researching (e.g. user reviews, or specific map location). Their are many other accommodation venues, hotels, and apartments, spanning further out. But of course compare in terms of convenient distance, locality to attractions, suitability for accommodation (e.g. room size, room service, restaurant, i..e. features that suit you and/or your family)

Auckland City Hotel Names

Arena HotelAuckland Furbished ApartmentsWaldorf Celestion Apartments
Hotel Grand ChancellorQuay West SuitesCopthorne Hotel
Mercure HotelStamford PlazaAll Seasons Hotel
Hotel deBrettHeritage HotelCityLife Hotel
Best Western PresidentMetro Suites Serviced ApartmentsHilton Hotel
Sky City Grand HotelCrown Plaza HotelAuckland City Hotel
City Central HotelRainbow HotelElliot Hotel

Maybe read reviews or book the above Auckland Hotels by Clicking Here

Perhaps Select one of the above Hotels, or from many other
Accommodation Venues with Auckland City...

Hopefully you find a suitable Hotel relatively close to the Vector Arena, to conveniently and quickly travel to enjoy not only it's premises, but the event you are attending. Perhaps read my other articles on Hotel tips, e.g. for Discounted Hotel Booking Tips and Tips for Selecting a Hotel.

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