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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Auckland Five Star Hotels

Auckland City Hotels - The Hilton
Hotel advertisement terms such as "five star rating", "super deluxe", "luxury hotel", would generally convey high expectations about the quality of a hotel's services and facilities for visitors and guests. Perhaps within Auckland City there is no exception, as there is indeed highly rated (up to 5 star rating, based on the qualmark system) hotels. Specifically, a five star rating would indicate luxury features to the suite/room itself and it's immediate surroundings, e.g. heated floors, extra/large bathrooms, dedicated business office, etc. However other factors in convenience, additional comfort, and service, would need be combined to create a overall super deluxe or five star rating. Image of Hilton Hotel By jimipb at SXC.

Auckland Central Hotels that meet the qualmark 5 star rating include Sky City Grand Central, Hyatt Regency, Langham Hotel, Stamford Plaza, Hilton Hotel, and a few others. There are then, outstanding/luxury Auckland five star hotels to serve the need of guests, perhaps some hotels offering more than others. But how to quickly determine what luxury/highly rated hotel that's suitable? As with hotel reservation, it could be a combination of need, functionality, and convenience. These requirements then could be applied to certain categories, and then further information can be collected from reading online reviews, getting specifics from the hotel, and a bit of online research.

Hotel History: If the hotel (or it's parent company), has a long standing history, and world wide presence, then it's likely to have a wealth of experience. The Auckland Langham hotel for example has a long history, and the Hilton is part of an international hotel chain.

Location: Ideally close to suitable needs: e.g. transportation, business district, entertainment, harbour, shopping, restaurants, etc.

Services: Luxury hotels provide many services - laundry, business, concierge, valet, baby sitter, doctor, dentist, etc. You might want 24 hour service.

Room Service/Facilities: You would want modern technology - high speed internet, fax/telephone, in room safe, television/radio, perhaps a business desk.

Luxury spa from Auckland Hotels review: ( Facilities: For quality rated/luxury hotels, you should expect outstanding service, comfort, and convenience for your enjoyment. Their should be access to sauna, swimming pool, exercise room with modern equipment, perhaps package deals for external events, tennis, golf activities etc. But also a professional business center, currency exchange, safety deposit box, and conference room, car rental, etc. Everything you normally require for business needs should be readily available.
Image of Jump In By bjearwicke at SXC.

Luxury food at luxury hotel: Auckland Hotels:( attention should be highly focused on guests, ensuring that they are well catered for, and that their needs are a priority in a outstanding/world class hotel. Hotel guests dining needs should also be well catered for, and many award winning restaurants/menus are associated with luxury hotels. Often their could be more than one bar, or external restaurant, so you need to check what is suitable (e.g. specific menus, opening hours), as some hotels include Auckland City hotels for dining out. Image of Platter Deluxe By jekka at SXC.

So perhaps you need to be more selective in choosing a luxury hotel, so as to be serviced with specific functions you require. You would also expect close attention and personal service from hotel staff as a priority. Auckland City have a range of 5 star and luxury hotels that would specifically suit the business or leisure traveler. It might also help to choose a specific hotel location
so as to enjoy your overall accommodation.

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