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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hotel Hygiene Tips

Auckland City at Auckland Hotels review blog at preparing reservation for a quality Auckland City Hotel, personal hygiene should be considered to minimize any sickness or health issues that may arise. Therefore it would be wise to bring hygienic and medical supplies, and to use them effectively once you are in your hotel room. When arranging hotel accommodation in Auckland CBD, check the weather forecast online. People in Auckland tend to get sick around June - July, with flu - cold type symptoms.
Also check with hotel staff, what similar medication would be available within or near your hotel. Specifically you should bring disinfectant sprays, disposable anti-bacterial wipes, liquid soaps, bedspreads, air fresheners (e.g. EcoQuest brand), disposable plastic bags, cups, cutlery and a first aid kit. Image of Auckland City by saltonzz at SXC.

Check Cleaning Schedule

Also maybe check with hotel staff their cleaning schedule, what items are cleaned, specifically how cleaning is performed, and if quality cleaning disinfectants and practices are implemented. If you are susceptible to sickness, make sure to have on hand specific medical (medicines, inhalers, etc) and bacterial disinfectant supplies, and inform hotel staff, as many have a doctor on call.

Hygiene Cleaning Procedures

Hygiene tips for Auckland Hotels at in your hotel room, first check the bedspread and any linen, and ask when they were last cleaned and specifically how. Were they washed with quality detergents or dry-cleaned? Perhaps remove the bedspread and shake it, then maybe spray with disinfectant before even sitting on it. Ask when the kitchen items were last cleaned, and maybe clean them, particularly glassware.
Image of Bedroom by cgarbiano at SXC.

Hygiene food of Auckland Hotels at Hygiene cleanliness is important with many usable room items, including kitchen and food utensils. Therefore apply disinfectant spray or hand tissue wipes to taps, door and window handles, telephones, kitchenware, toilet handle and seat, remote controls and other push button objects, e.g. the television, microwave, and heater switch controls. The idea is to terminate any germs present. Remember as noted, clean hotel bedspreads, and any seats.
Image by SXC of Roast Lunch by ronny7362

Washing Your Hands

Washing hands for Auckland City Hotels hygiene tips blog at to wash your hands properly with soap and warm water, and/or an anti-bacterial or sanitizer liquid. Then hand dry with a towel, and preferably a warm hand air blower afterward. Effective hand washing will reduce the spread of potential germs and bacteria from touching any potential source. Also dispose of any paper hand towels, and general rubbish properly, perhaps in sealed disposable bags. Check the hotel hygiene policy, including rubbish removal. Image of Bathroom by vierdrie at SXC.

Research Hygiene Reviews and Policy

Personal hygiene is important, but also is proper implementation practices to reduce the likelihood of getting sick. Hygiene focused hotels will have a strict procedure, and adhere to a quality guideline or policy. Research online at hotel sites, of any quality hygiene standards, and also review sites (e.g. TripAdvisor) to assess what other travelers are saying about hotel hygiene. You should then be better informed about hygiene practices for hotel accommodation, and with these tips, to select a hotel of your choice in Auckland City.

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