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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hotel Room Security Tips

Hotel room security tips for Auckland Hotels blog at room security in Auckland should be considered once you enter your room, and you have had a hotel staff member thoroughly check and demonstrate security features. There are several security tips for yourself or family/group to actively implement. Perhaps you have at least considered hotel reservation and travel accommodation security tips. First practice securely locking the door, including other members in your group. Always keep the door closed and locked, and at all times even when inside, to prevent unwanted entry. Read any security/safety documentation in the room, and note where safety exits and fire extinguishers are located, including out in the hallway. Implement a safety plan with your family or group, including a regular contact plan.
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Group Organization Plan

Network or group security ideas for Auckland Hotels at of us know it's a matter of applying common sense for safety and security, but in a nice luxury comfortable Auckland hotel, it's possibly one can become too relaxed, and perhaps partially overlook security. Also some might forget to action, perform, or remind others in our family or group, or may apply security practices a bit differently. Hence the need for a uniform family/group discussion plan to specify and emphasize a plan for security and safety procedures, delegation, and responsibility. Below are hotel room security tips to consider and of course to perform if relevant.
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Visitors and Exiting the Room

Hotel rooms security review at Auckland Hotels Blog at As noted above, keep the door securely closed and locked when inside. Maybe occasionally listen at the door for possible outside movement.
- Do not open the door unless you know for certain who the person is. You may have arranged/conversed with reception for specific visitors. If it's your group, get them to knock and announce their name, unless they have their own key/swipe card (but perhaps arrange for them to announce themselves). Image of Rooms by iboff at SXC.
- If you get an unannounced visitor phone call (e.g for room maintenance), ask as to why. Get a name and number, then ring/connect with hotel reception to check the validity of that caller.
- Arrange for room cleaning when you are still in the hotel (e.g. at breakfast or lunch), and that the cleaner attaches the do not disturb tag to the door.
- Consider where to store the door key/card. When inside you might want it easily accessible to others for safety issues. So perhaps place maybe near your bed, and with a working flash light.

Secure a notebook for Auckland Hotels security review blog at Consider storing your valuables at the reception safe/vault than in your room's safe, depending on the relative security factors between the two. (You may have discussed storage solutions and policies during the reservation process).
- If you have to leave a valuable item in the room, perhaps secure it with a security chain or lock (You might to discuss with staff about a fixture to secure the item).
-When you lock the room when you leave, "physically" but gently confirm that it is locked; i.e. nudge/twist the door knob/slot a little, turn the handle, etc. Push the door at the top, and bottom inwards. The door should be rigid, with minimum movement when pushed.
- Perhaps attach the do not disturb tag to your door - to indicate that you are inside, if you plan being absent.
- Leave a TV or Radio playing when you leave, and consider disconnecting the phone. Listen for audibility by listening outside your locked door. Image of Laptop by woodsy at SXC.

Outer Hotel Room Security

- Keep your room key or card within your pockets or secure bag. Do not display in public for others to view, particularly if it has your room number.
- Carry just sufficient cash for the day, perhaps in a secure waist pouch, and keep credit/cash cards and cash in separate pouches or pockets.
- Wear the minimum of jewelry, expensive clothing and bags, to help reduce theft.
- Inform reception if you see a unusual group of people, or individuals hanging or continuously strolling about the hotel.
- Be a bit vigilant when walking past elevators, stairwells, open door ways, and when walking towards someone in the opposite direction.
- Perhaps text/call someone in your family or group at regular intervals (as perhaps planned as above).

consider elevator safety: Security Tips Review for Auckland Hotels blog at When entering a hotel elevator, and particularly for women, enter/or not with caution, depending on the character of other people entering the elevator.
- Maybe enter last if a small group, and select your floor buttons last if possible. Exit immediately if a suspicious or intoxicated person(s) enter. Perhaps stand near the buttons in case you need to use them in an emergency.
- View the outer streets or venue, before going outside your hotel, to determine if it is safe to do so.
-Have a good time, but not too much, as you may be seen as a easy target, or become disorientated or semi lost within your hotel.
. Image of Elevator by Bubbels at SXC.

Security Action in the Room

-Perhaps consider placing a door stop/wedge under your locked door, when having a shower, particularly if alone. This is to reduce entry.
-Do not leave a key in the door, as they can be pushed out and slid under the floor.
- If going out at night - then leave a light on, and the curtains/blinds partly closed.
-Keep your flash light near or on the bed, in case of emergencies, and keep your bed clear of tables, bags, etc.
- Maybe activate your portable sensor/burglar alarm, or improvise, by placing glass cups/metal ashtray/pan/forks along a chair edge, placed against the door. Then test it to hear if it makes a audible noise, when the door is opened.
- You may want to check with reception, if there are pending changes to your floor or adjacent hotel rooms, or visitors, or if they do courtesy calls and room visits.. You may want complete privacy.

Hotel Parking Security

-Try not to get your room number displayed on the hotel's park card or sticker in your car.
- Walk in at least pairs towards your car, and with your keys in your hand. You may want to store a spare safely elesewhere. Maybe activate your car alarm/pre-alarm some distance before you see your car.
- Park as close to the walk in entrance, without excess stairs/elevator use, and near a vehicle exit. Don't forget the parking floor level - look for it, (don't confuse with your hotel room level) and note any emergency escape exits.
- Be vigilant when carrying purses, shopping bags, etc. - keep them close to yourself. Or have a second purse already in your car for shopping purposes.
- Depending on parking space configuration, take the time to reverse park, say during the day, so as to be easily prepared to drive quickly frontward when driving out at night. Then frontward park when you come back (if dark/late).
- Do ask for a escort/valet service, particularly for women, and remember to state a time of arrival (check their parking hours) to possibly arrange valet service back to the hotel.
- When you exit a car park, note if the entry point is at a different location, so that you can quickly enter when you arrive back.
- Don't forget your charged mobile phone, and always keep a phone charger in the car. Also have a working flash light, a road map, and ensure you r vehicle has a road worthy inflated spare wheel, working jack, and wheel brace.
- If parking becomes too much in terms of security or inconvenience, then use a suitable alternative, such as a taxi, shuttle service, etc. Image of Underground Car Park by nickobec at SXC.

Overall Hotel Security: Effective Plan

Once you apply security and safety features and actions, then you should feel more confident in your hotel stay. But for family, and your group, remind them to apply security features as well, as you all need to think and combine as a complete team for a more effective security action plan.
Remember for New Zealand, the emergency number is 111 for all services. Please add any hotel room security tips (comments), and any that may be specific to Auckland city hotels, amenities, park areas, venues, or security in general.

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